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At theSource of Love: we explore Love as the foundation of our being, a vibratory state of the substance, a constitutional quality engraved in the very heart of the atom, underlying, and supporting all that is. Its radiance may not be visible but can be perceptible by the state of unity, peace, contentment, and balance that awakens in us when we are in Its Field.


Love as an intrinsic quality of being, invariable despite the changing conditions of life, is a reality still little recognized and awakened, even less established, but it is an immutable potential designed to ineluctablybecome areality. It is our path to discover and be it.

ABOUT The Session

This Yoga, practiced with the aim of awakening and establishing the quality of Love in oneself and in our life, brings together several aspects:

  • Elements of knowledge and information,

  • Purely bodily exercises and more subtle ones,

  • Explorations with breathing, breath and sound,

  • Exercises for the awakening and refinement of the senses,

  • Reflections and advice for our practical life.

About Yoga

Yoga is a very ancient and practical wisdom (about 3000 years).
In Sanskrit, which is the sacred and literary language of India, words often have several meanings. Yoga comes from the root "jug” and means union, concentration, attachment, method.

It is a methodical discipline we must attach to (to be faithful to and persevere in) to “unify” the physical, psychic, emotional and spiritual aspects of being, to purify and pacify the mind. The subtle junctions between the different plans are revealed and their “One” nature becomes perceptible within their differentiated expression.

Yoga is an integral process, which wisdom is transmitted in the 8 Pilars of Yoga, by Patanjali, about 1800 years ago and from master to disciples in an unbroken lineage since.

It is a universal tool deeply rooted in Indian culture. Yoga and Meditations secrets are shared at Sol Yoga, today, in Occident, in a way we can experience and practice it in our daily lives, remaining faithful to its true Spirit. Therefore, we are touched and transformed by Knowledge and Inner Wisdom, which are natural, deep and subtle.

Some secret paths, in our unique mind and body, are awaken and enhanced in a way and rhythm unique to each one. It naturally dissolves blockages and thoughts based on ignorance and increases unconditional love, compassion, contentment, peace, joy, confidence, health and wisdom in daily life.


In this methodical journey, several aspects are studied and practiced:

  • Knowledge and information about our constitution,

  • Niyama & Yama: advice for our practical life,

  • Asanas (yoga postures) and movements,

  • Pranayama (breathing exercises), exploration of breath and sound,

  • Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses): constitution, awakening, refinement, and withdrawal of senses,

  • Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditative absorption), Samadhi (union,integration).

Sol Yoga offers a Holistic approach of YOGA and MEDITATION to serve CONSCIOUSNESS and a deeper CONNECTION to the ESSENCE OF LIFE hidden in daily Life :

One-to-one Sessions and Collective classes (small groups) of Yoga, prenatal Yoga, postnatal Yoga, Yoga for children and Intensive Yoga Workshops are provided in Cascais, Portugal.


I was born a woman, in France, in 1976, in a Catholic background. I am mother of 3: Victor born in 2005, Hannah born in 2009 and Iaô in 2016.

I have lived in different countries, studied and practiced Theatre, Dance, Painting and Clay modelling, Occupational Therapy (2000-2003), Art-Therapy, Ayurvedic Massages, Yoga and Mediatation(Hatha with Sarva Atma Mithra since 2000 and Kundalini with Shin Sheva since 2012), Tai Chi and Meditation (with Jean-Louis Lavail 2014-2017), Kabbalah (at the Kabbalah Center since 1996), Sacred Geometry, Astrology, Sacred Scriptures (particularly Genesis, New Testament and Revelation), Meditation, Science, combined in a unique holographic field of teachings guided by Dominique Dubois (since 2009). I have worked with craftsmen for 4 years in 2004 in Fes to restore old palaces and in our family-run construction company for 7 years in 2008. Architecture is one of my passions.


My learnings and experience in these fieldsalso make me offer, in the same spirit of Yoga, other proposals:


Individual sessions to observe toxic patterns in our lives and propose other keys to change effectively “Awakening Consciousness in Daily Life”are provided in Cascais, Portugal and online.


Meditations and workshops for children take place monthly,in Cascais, Portugal.


Themed workshopsfor adults and women’s circlestake place quarterly,in Cascais, Portugal.


Retreats take place yearly, in Portugal or worldwide.

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