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Children are naturally happy, curious, flexible and open.

They naturally live in the present moment.

They are naturally confident.


Every being absorbs the state of the world from a specific angle depending on the conditions in which it is embodied and the complexity of everything it will encounter in its development. All this information will permeate him and it will gradually bend his intrinsic nature and alter the flow of free energy in him.


 It is essential to perceive the Being in every being, and particularly in children, in order to contribute to the more harmonious development of who they really are, to recognize their unique way of being in the world, encouraging them to listen and validate their intuition and what is right for them.


Sol Yoga offers a field of exploration that can nurture in a simple way the values ​​essential to their growth: listening, rhythm, structure, guided and free experimentation, knowledge and respect for their body, discernment between their essential identity and the constructed identity, perception sensory and sensitive of others and the environment, awareness of oneself and of the other, of what is common and different between them, learning to welcome, tame, know and express one's uniqueness in respect of the other and of the place they are, develop caring, kindness and compassion.


These yoga sessions make it possible to awaken and nourish these values ​​in a playful way, through sessions structured around:

Games to explore and refine the senses

With their eyes blindfolded, children learn to perceive space, sounds and their origin, to guide and let themselves be guided, to awaken in a more refined way the senses of smell, touch, hearing and taste.
Eye yoga exercises are also practiced.

These specific and varied exercises are repeated and brought in progressively to promote greater concentration and attention. They refine the sensors of sensory organs and enrich neural connections.


Games to experiment with interior space, transitional space and environment.

Attention is brought to how the child feels in his inner world with his eyes closed, his eyes open, how to move from one world to another while always keeping the continuum alive, discovering the space and the spaces between our world and other worlds, stay in touch with our inner world while meeting the other, navigate with ease while knowing where we are, so as not to feed a fragmented image of Life.

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Yoga postures

Alone and with partners, through stories and images that invite children to participate by paying attention to breathing and movement, increasing precision and balance. Breathing exercises are also offered to learn how to calm down and relax.

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Meditation explored in different aspects

Stimulating concentration, promoting relaxation, strengthening confidence, awakening compassion, taming listening, allowing us to welcome and understand our emotions, conducive to self-knowledge, helping to find silence and peace in oneself ... meditation has many facets and benefits. Short practices of 5 to 10 minutes are offered at the start and end of sessions.


Creativity and interactivity naturally at work

Even though the sessions have been prepared and are guided by the teacher, they are also the fruit of the present moment and are co-created with the children, depending on the energy in which they are. Their spontaneous proposals are always listened to and, if possible, integrated into a session and/or on a recurring basis.




Either buying one session or a pack of 10 for children, they are welcome any Saturday, on condition of sending an email or a text message at least 48 hours before the session to inform that they will come.

If one collective session has been purchased, it expires 2 months after the date of the purchase. If a pack of 10 has been purchased, it expires 6 months after the first session. 

Purchases are nominative, cannot be put on a friend’s profile and will not be refunded.

If a session has been booked and no one shows up, this session will be considered done and will be counted. Cancellation deadline is 24 hours before the session starts.

If children get sick, and have a medical certificate, we can put their pack of 10 on hold as long as the prescription for exemption from activity lasts. Please send an email with the certificate attached.
We reserve the right to take pictures in Sol Yoga Studio and to share them on social media. If you don’t want your children to appear on any picture, please advise us.

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