Sol Yoga at the source of love


Sol Yoga Kids and Teens offers a range of activities to help kids and teens to
connect to their true self, to others and to Life in the best ways possible, to awaken
consciousness in learning, living, growing, loving, enjoying, working, and sharing
with discernment, confidence, respect, and balance.


About Yoga, Agility Games & Mindfulness for Kids &

Yoga is a very ancient and practical wisdom (about 3000 years) that is an efficient tool to be connected to the Light, to the Self, to the Body. For kids from 2 to 12 years old, we will go through a process of agility games, sensorial activities, mindfulness (developing an increasing and more qualitative presence and attention in breathing, tasting, smelling, touching, earing, seeing), yoga poses, and meditation. Exploration and learning are done through playing, having fun, experiencing, discovering the world within and around, and their correlation, with activities indoors and outdoors, in different spaces. For teens from 13 to 18 years old, at an age with such transformations, a specific approach is provided to tame these deep changes, connect deeper to the body, beyond the image reflected, to help teens to be more aware of the process they go through, to accept and welcome themselves better, to feel more comfortable and confident with themselves, others, and life, to embrace reality.


Individual sessions and Collective classes (small groups) of « Yoga, Agility games & Mindfulness” are provided weekly in Cascais, Portugal.

About Spirituality for Kids

Helping children to feel safe, powerful, and more connected, is why SFK exists.

At SFK, each child’s unique spirit is honored and celebrated. Skills of resilience, self- awareness, compassion, and accountability are awakened. Children are guided to develop their intuition and discover how their own inner guidance system can be their best friend throughout their lives, especially during times of struggles and self- doubts.

Spirituality for Kids provides practical support and tools to raise a conscious child and does not conflict with any belief, philosophical, or religious teachings.

The term spirituality is used to refer to the developmental aspects of a child that are beyond the body and mind. To connect to that ineffable and powerful core of who they are apart from their feelings and thoughts. This awe for life fosters a sense of interconnectedness, which is also referred to as spiritual intelligence.

SFK sought-after and awarded programs illuminate the core skills in fun, engaging, and meaningful ways for teachers, students, and parents.


A cycle of 13 Collective Sessions, with a session of 1h per week, starts in September, January, and April in Cascais, Portugal.

Sol Yoga at the source of love
Sol Yoga at the source of love

About Workshop For Children

These themed workshops are conceived around the seasons and different activities converging on one theme: yoga, agility games, mindfulness, sensorial activities, dance, walks in nature, gardening, land art, manual activities (with wood, clay, painting, recycling materials), cooking… The medias used and the material produced are not the aim but a support to discover ourselves in different situations and interactions, to deepen attention and presence and to increase the perception of connection and interconnection.

Themed workshops for children take place on Saturdays, monthly, in Cascais, Portugal.


Meditation on Yoga Mat

Hello Camille, a big thank you for these shared moments, it was very pleasant. I am happy that Alexandre is taking your yoga classes and your workshops, it is great for him. Thank you again 


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