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One day per From 9:00 am to 12:00 am, Portuguese time.       

Deep and complete transmission of Yoga and its spirit:


Studies of Yoga Sutras and main principles of Yoga and their use in daily life

Knowledge and information about our constitution

Niyama & Yama: ethics and discipline

Asanas (yoga postures) and movements

Pranayama (breathing exercises), secrets of breath and sound

Mudras (hands and fingers poses)

Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses): constitution, awakening, refinement, and withdrawal of senses

A path to meditation: Dharana (concentration); Dhyana (meditative absorption); Samadhi (union, integration).


To meditate is to rediscover the vast, clear space within ourselves and to let our richness and complexity reveal themselves naturally.


It is a profound reunion with an intimacy and simplicity that is refined as the practice progresses and changes the quality of our life and our presence in the world.


Meditating together allows our presences to resonate, creating an amplified vibrational field.



These meditations take place at 18:00pm - 19:00 pm for about one hour.
They are free on principle.
However, voluntary financial contributions are welcome.

The dates for new moon meditations in 2022 are:
02/01/22, 01/02/22, 02/03/22, 01/04/22, 30/04/22, 30/05/22, 29/06/22, 28/07/22,27/08/22, 25/09/22, 25/10/22, 23/11/22, 23/12/22.

The new moon is called "Rosh Chodesh" in Kabbalah, which means "Head of Renewal" . Just as the seed carries the tree, the germ of the month contains the potential of the month.
We resonate with these specific energies, their qualities and requirements invited
into our lives, and meditate.


The fully illuminated moon indicates a free and unobstructed alignment between our planet and the sun, which holds the solar system together and enables all life on earth to exist.
At these times, there is a special connection with the Creative Source, the centre of Life and Intelligence.

These meditations take place at 18:00 - 19:00 pmfor about one hour.
They are free on principle.
However, voluntary financial contributions are welcome.

The dates for full moon meditations in 2022 are:

17/01/22,16/02/22,18/03/22,16/04/21,16/05/22,14/06/22,13/07/22,12/08/22,10/09/22,09/10/22, 08/11/22, 08/12/22.

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