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Sol Yoga, An Integral Learning Process

Sol stands for Source Of Love.

Love is a vast domain.

We go here to encounter it not as an ideal, philosophical concept or feeling, although it also expresses itself in these spheres. We return to its source. We explore it as the foundation of our being, having neither subject nor object, but being a constitutive state of mind and matter, a reality of the atom itself.

Love as an intrinsic quality of being, unchanging despite the changing conditions of our lives, is a reality that is still not very well awakened, and is even less established.

What I am offering you, what I am offering to us, is to awaken it and establish it within ourselves so that it radiates naturally in our lives, in every aspect of our lives.

Awakening us to its true nature and its reality within us, we will see how it manifests itself in different levels, forms, intensities, heights, depths and colours.


“A journey of 1,000 miles always begins with a first step, “ Lao Tseu.

This is how we’ll walk together, step by step, day after day, through a methodical and progressive exploration.


The proposed approach is based on teachings, perception and integral experience of life. This means that nothing is peripheral. Nothing is insignificant. At the same time, nothing is the centre and everything is a centre. Everything is a fractal and contains the same information at all levels. This is why everything that is liberated, open and achieved in one area is available in others.


In our methodical exploration of Love, we will ensure that it vibrates everywhere within our lives: in our consciousness, in the body and our relation to it, in our history, in our relation to Life, to the Living, to nature, to our environment, to others, in family interactions, in friendships, in love, in our human achievement, professional and social, in our relationship to sensuality, sexuality and pleasure. Because there is no Love without self-knowledge, we’ll approach this mystery together.
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Yoga in sanskrit means yoke, a freely-chosen discipline, the method that leads to union which allows one to realise Unity.

It’s important to specify that yoga is studied and practiced here in its eight limbs and components which are as follows:


  • Yamas (how to develop an ethical relationship towards others),

  • Niyamas (how to develop an ethical attitude towards oneself),

  • Asanas (the poses),

  • Pranayama (awareness and control of breath),

  • Pratyahara (knowledge, refinement and withdrawal of the senses),

  • Dharana (concentration),

  • Dyana (meditation),

  • Samadhi (a state of Unity).

My vision and practice of Yoga is inspired by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. They are rooted in the oral transmission from master to disciple in an uninterrupted lineage and in the ever-living and up-to-date tradition of Tantrism.

Tantrism should be understood here in its original meaning and essence: weaving. It is indeed within the great weaving of Life that Yoga is practiced and lived, everything in our lives being the embodiment of teaching and learning.

Yoga should therefore be understood here as an Integral Learning Process. It’s an unchanging principle and a transformative process. It is and unfolds in a path. And each one of us is a Path.

You & I

These sessions will suit you ...

  • If you are ready to embark on an interior adventure to discover the constitution of your Being, your consciousness, your body,

  • If you do not seek to obtain a specific result in a premeditated way but accept to be guided with confidence in the process,

  • If you validate what emerges in you, in your own field of coherence,

Then this process will inevitably reveal secrets to you and establish an unwavering joy in your life…


Some of this information and these exercises were passed on to me by masters, mainly in the tradition of the Kabbalah, Christianity, Yoga from India with Master Sarva Atma Mithra and Shivaite Tantrism as well as elements from Tai Chi with Jean-Louis Lavail, which have been very precious to me (I will refer to each one specifically so you can find the source easily). The study and the practice continue
regularly and are enriched in particular by two masters: one woman, Dominique Dubois, since 2009 and one man, Shin Shiva Svaymbhu Maharaj, since 2012.

They are also the fruits of my meditation and yoga practices: inspirations, revelations and discoveries received along the way. They are enriched and updated through the study of the sacred texts of various traditions, sacred geometry and astrology, through the discoveries of contemporary science, art and my own life experience.

Some flowers and trees are already present in our gardens, some seeds are still asleep there, and much of our land needs to be nurtured with care and attention, even now, in order to sow, let grow, harvest, share, to let the old die, now obsolete which, having become compost, will nourish and strengthen the new seeds…

Everything we encounter, in reality, serves this process and teaches us to be both garden and gardeners.

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