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Meditation in Portugal



The online sessions (daily free sessions from Monday through Friday and online sessions on subscription on Sundays) will begin in September 2022.


Subscriptions, both monthly and annually, for online sessions, which will begin on the first Sunday of September 2022, are already available to purchase.

(Monthly subscription: 26 €, Annual subscription: 220 €)

Meditation in Portugal


Follow classes of Meditation in Portugal from the comfort of your home, as Sol Yoga has also started providing its mediation classes online as we wanted to reach out to every other person that was interested in going on an introspective journey but could not join us to do meditation in Portugal. 


The current situation strongly encouraged me to opt for video transmission, which have the advantage of increasing your freedom and responsibility in your involvement, helps you process the information received and also offers you the
benefit of regularity.

This means each of you will be able to discover, experiment, integrate, assimilate this knowledge and these exercises within your life, at your own pace, within your own field of consistency in order to see profound changes and improvements occur in the various aspects of your life.

I will also be organising regular workshops, seminars and retreats, which I will keep you informed of.

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Every day, from Monday through Friday, at 6:00 am, Portuguese time, a short video (3 to 10 min) of daily consciousness and exercises is posted for free.

For 5 days you will see 5 different exercises on the same theme. One aspect is addressed each week, with a different angle of approach each day, with simple and practical information and exercises that have profound transformative and beneficial effects on your lives.

You can easily integrate these exercises into your daily routine and thus gain all their benefits very naturally.You will see your automatic habits gradually unravel and new virtuous states and
behaviours take their place in your lives.

You can watch these videos whenever you want whenever you have availibility. I'd encourage you to watch them within 24 hours, in order to keep up your daily rhythm and progression through the sessions.

Meditation in Portugal, Meditation in Portugal, Meditation in Portugal, Meditation in Portugal, Meditation in Portugal


Monthly subscription: 26 €, annual subscription: 220 €


1 hour, Every Sunday.

From 11:00 to 12:00 am, Portuguese time.

This means we have regular appointments where we can practice the exercises you have been given during the week together in a longer and more in-depth way as these will be collected and shown here in more detail.

The first sessions will be all about raising awareness of your Consciousness and the notion of fields, so you can find and strengthen the inner axis.


Then, for a long time, they will be dedicated to our physical bodies, which we often just live with as an object, without knowing anything about its actual cosntitution and nature as well as its infinite possibilities and dimensions.


Restoring Love to our Consciousness and our Body is the first part of the knowledge and exercises that we will share on a daily basis.

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