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Day 9

Updated: May 22, 2021

To tirelessly welcome Life as it is and not as we would like it to be...

Let the blessing be revealed within the events.

Do not focus on events but be in contact with the powers at work:

- those who work to deconstruct what has frozen or has become


- those who work for the conservation of what must still last

- those who work to create and vitalise

These powers work together and alternately in order to always favour the

evolution of Life.

As we awaken more and more to the fact that we are made up of these

powers, that they work in all and through all, we realize that through our

active attention, receptivity and participation, we are able to form an

alliance with these powers. That way, we become more and more aware

of what is going on beneath the visible, more and more aware of the

purpose of the Human Being among other lives on Earth, within the solar

system, in a branch of the Milky Way, amongst other universes.

Settling in this awareness allows a humility and a responsibility to arise

and grow within us, which leads us to more righteous and freer thoughts,

words and actions.

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