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Day 8

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

SOL YOGA, Integral learning process

Simple tips and exercises for everyday life with a deep and positive impact in

our lives.


The function of the bells in a church is to bring the community together in prayer but

also to reach by sound those who cannot move so that they also resonate.

Whatever our faith, or whether we are an atheist, we can easily install a few

ringtones on our phone throughout the day whose function would be to suspend our

thoughts, words, actions for a moment and bring us back to presence, here and now,

within our body, in order to resonate with the silence, to listen to our heart beat, to

feel the breathing unfolding in us, to stretch the body, to feel it from head to toe,

smile, appreciate, thank.

A few minutes are enough to return, or not, to our thoughts, words and actions,

refreshed, our gaze renewed, by this moment that we give ourselves, as we tune an


This daily practice, initially mechanical, becomes more and more natural, gradually

increasing this quality of presence throughout the day and no longer only during the

moments dedicated to it.


Embrace all that comes to you today knowing that it comes from the Source of all

blessings. Even (and mostly) if it doesn’t seem to be a blessing, have the certainty it

is and the blessing will reveal itself through you.


Don't give in to fear. Welcome it, respect it, question it. Fear is a gatekeeper. It invites

you to discern between thought forms that can encumber you and the intelligence of

the Living within you. Dialogue with the fears that emerge, pass through them and be

more and more free from them.


Each morning, give yourself a space between waking up and starting activities ...

Maybe you remember your dreams or the impressions they left you, you can write

them down and let them dissipate.

Stretch your whole body, touch it with love and tenderness, from head to toe.

Reconnect with your whole body, feel gratitude and appreciation for this body and all

that works in it without your voluntary participation. Be aware of this, which can

awaken great confidence in you.

Smile at Life, at this new day, at this field of possibilities that is opening up to you.

Open yourself to this field, available, within this day, ready for the best of your being

to unfold there.

You can sit down, close your eyes, let the thoughts pass, gather the forces within you

and ask to be an instrument of Grace or any other quality that touches you and that

the world needs, ask to be aligned with to the essential being in your thoughts, words

and actions.


Discover within the cells in your body the vibrant joy of Being!

Discover within the atoms in you the Mystery of non-Being!

Discover the sublime polarity which weaves the visible and invisible Universes and

which gives the Human Being such possibilities to experience, to know and to love.


Everything that appears in the field of our lives is projection of the Consciousness

and gives us to rectify the thought forms born from inappropriate interpretations

before the Splendor of Life and Its Reality. This is our work in the service of Free Life.


Make sure what you feed on today, on all levels, how you take it in yourself,

transform it, assimilate it, integrate it and restore it.

Watch how you also nourish others and the life by your way of being in the world.

What a responsibility! What an opportunity every moment! How lucky we are to be

part of the process!


Life is a continuous and infinite process of transformation of incredible creativity and

intelligence in which everything participates. It passes through all forms and remains

Free. To perceive what Life is delivers us from the fear of death, for Life includes

birth, development and death of forms which veil and reveal its Essence.

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