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Workshop For Adults

Collective session
3h, 60 €

One morning, quaterly
From 9:00 am to 12:00 am, Portuguese time.
1st date: Friday 18th of November 2022

The purpose of these workshops is to serve the reality of Love, Compassion, and
Wisdom by living consciously the junction between the Essence, which can be
hidden and that we forget about, and the manifested world, in order to live in Unity.
The proposition is to deeply connect with the Source and to understand the structure of the Universe, the Solar System, the Earth, Mind, Soul, and Body, to understand the purpose of Life. Because bringing knowledge where there is ignorance is like switching on the Light in a dark room: we can see clearly.
However, for this knowledge to not remain abstract and useless, but being alive, and penetrate all the layers of the being, all the aspects of our lives, we always work
within the context of our lives, bringing a different perspective on what we live, from the reprocessing and actualization of our thoughts and behavior.
Little by little, this knowledge changes our way of thinking life and therefore of living it, with more connection, clarity, energy, authenticity, freedom, simplicity, and joy, by taking responsibility for the uniqueness of our path and welcoming the singular paths of others.

Women Circles

Collective session
Free, voluntary financial contributions are welcome

One day, quarterly
From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Portuguese time.

Dates in 2022: 25/06/22, 17/09/22, 10/12/22 .
Dates 2023: 25/03/23, 24/06/23, 16/09/23, 16/12/23

In the great Tantra tradition, a living and vibrant weaving of Light, we are invited to awaken together to the true nature of being, expressed specifically in our feminine polarity. Together, we explore the essence of woman and our lives, discussing the situations that each of us encounters, listening to the questions and resonances in each woman and discerning how each one lives according to her context and can contribute to the blossoming of all.
Our Sacred dimension is explored through breath, sound, song, movement, gesture, dance and meditation. These practices are derived from the Primordial Knowledge and passed down from generation to generation. We embrace our womanhood, in consideration of men, and set in motion our specific forces in a kindly setting that encourages our qualities to bloom in ways that resonate with Mother Earth. We carry out a simple ritual of praise to the Earth.

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