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Consciousness workshops take place quarterly, last 3 hours and cost 60 euros.

The development of the mind in the human being has led us to magnificent discoveries and advances but keeps us locked in circular loops and an erroneous representation of reality, based on impressions and interpretations of our condition, constructions and projections that are not real but to which we most often give an absolute value. It increases our sense of separation and isolation and all the defensive postures and defiance that come with it.


However, we have access to all the resources that allow us to emerge from ignorance and live in our flesh the reunion with the splendor that we inhabit and that inhabits us.


We use technologies every day that bear witness to our constitution and yet continue to think, speak and act without updating this knowledge in us.


The Internet testifies to the unlocking and access to the flow of the information field. It makes visible the quantum entanglement and the fact that all lives are interconnected and weave a web of great coherence serving a mysterious purpose of which we do not have the global and integral perception.


The purpose of these workshops is to awaken us to this perception which gradually undoes the fragmentation of our mental representations of the world and releases a free Energy-Consciousness.


Within the workshops are weaving knowledge from the study and practice of Yoga, sacred texts of Christianity and Kabbalah, astrological notions and sacred geometry, recent scientific discoveries, history of the Universe, the constitution of matter, the practice of meditation and the material of our lives. This information coming from different planes, scales, level of organization, depths of field resonates and is restoring an order in each one.




Celebrations of cosmic gates take place quarterly and last 2 hours.

They are basically free. Any freely offered financial contribution is welcome

Everything happens in cycles...


Sunlight appears on the horizon, reaches its peak, declines and disappears on the horizon.

The light reflected by the moon begins its growth during the new moon until the full moon.

The seed fallen into the ground germinates, becomes a tree which gives flowers, fruit, seed and one day will decompose in the ground.

Man comes into the world, grows, ages and dies.

The air enters the lungs, the breath is suspended, the air leaves the lungs, the breath is suspended...

Every civilization is born, unfolds, reaches its full development and disappears.


Everything is cyclical. Each cycle nourishes and enriches the next cycle. The different cycles, at different scales and in different dimensions, interpenetrate and interact.


The orbits of the planets around the sun have different inclinations and durations, ranging from 88 days for Mercury to 249 years for Pluto, which induces different rhythms and configurations in the position of the planets and their interactions, with different cyclicities interpenetrating.

The Vibratory Information-Energy coming from the Cosmos is thus churned, distributed, restored in the Consciousness and reflected in our localities...


2h, with voluntary contribution

From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Portuguese time.

Women’s circles are guiding us to explore and deepen in our flesh and in our lives the essence of the feminine and to nourish a  benevolent sorority.

The circles last for two hours and take place at 6:00 pm, Portuguese time, in Cascais, Portugal.


The year is also punctuated by cycles and 4 major pivots, marked by the passage of the cardinal gates that are the solstices and equinoxes are sacred moments in the life of the Earth, celebrated in different traditions.


Celebrating in Consciousness these "cosmic doors", Cosmos being the Order underlying the manifestation, reconnects us to the totality of the Universe and to the Mystery which underlies these rhythms, listening to their depth and the resonances in our body, and how it unfolds in our lives.


We become more and more familiar with these cycles and gradually discover a different relationship to time, becoming more sensitive and attentive to cyclicality, entering more into resonance and respect with these rhythms. This knowledge sheds light on what we are going through in our lives and places us more consciously in the life of the Earth and the Cosmos.

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