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The cosmos breathes through the dance of the universes, the stars and the constellations, the planets rotating on their own axis and in orbit around the sun. These celestial movements create variations in the relationships between the planets and among the stars. Different cycles intertwine.
One of the observable cycles is the sun-moon relationship, a lunation cycle that unfolds over 28 days. The stages are the new moon, the waxing moon phase, the full moon and the waning moon phase until the
next new moon.
In a year, over 354 days, the moon and the sun will carry out 12 complete cycles aligned with the 12 zodiac signs, fuelling themselves
with energies specific to each.

" The soul's meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in its nature as is all else in the cosmos. The soul breathes and its form lives thereby. The rhythmic nature of the soul's meditation must not be overlooked in the life of the
aspirant. There is an ebb and flow in all nature, and in the tides of the 
ocean we have a wonderful picture of an eternal law... the idea of a cyclic response to soul impulses lies back of the activities of a morning meditation, a noonday recollection, and an evening review. A larger ebb and flow is also indicated in the two aspects of the full moon and the new
moon. "
Alice A. Bailey

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