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These Retreats Include :

Group Practices

Free time for rest, relaxation , research and integration

Group practices include sessions on:


. Observation of breathing patterns (Tantra)

. Pranayamas (yoga breathing techniques),

. The circulation of the Breath (Tai Chi)

. Breathing (singing and acting)

. Invigorating exercises for the body to promote breath circulation

. Exploration of the transition from Breath to Sound

. Exploration of Sound modulations

. Specific work on the mouth, cradle of words

. Receptivity and emissivity of Breathing-Sound



According to the Yoga Sutras, which explain the different aspects of yoga in brief, there are eight limbs: social and individual ethics, postures, regulation of breath, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation, and enlightenment.

Knowledge lifts the veils of ignorance.

Consciousness unfolds within the commitment to ethics.

The postures untangle our body and restore forgotten paths.

Breathing deep down in ourselves regenerates all tissues, increasing Energy-Consciousness and its subtle circulation, allowing us to discover the elasticity of the matrices of which we are made.

A regular meditation practice takes us into deeper and deeper layers of the constitution of the Universe, of matter, of the biological body, of Being and Non-Being, in a natural and progressive way.

First, it is a matter of settling down in a sitting position, of observing (without fixing your attention) physical sensations, images, thoughts, ideas...

Let all this pass. Silence and presence seem to thicken.

The Mystery is at work.





Based on sacred texts, recent scientific discoveries and the experience of each participant, these meetings allow us to approach, to know and to deepen key notions of the structure of the Universe,

the Solar System and the Earth in order to live here more effectively, to learn about the constitution of matter and of our biological body,

which is unique to our human condition and to our ontological nature, which are inseparable.


Little by little, this knowledge changes our way of thinking about life and therefore of living it, with more authenticity, freedom, simplicity and joy,

by taking responsibility for the uniqueness of our path and welcoming the singular paths of others.


. Physical preparation (Tai Chi and Yoga)

. Rhythm modulation

. What is dance in sensitive listening?


Out of pure motionless and silent presence comes the slow, loose, vibrant gesture.

The dance begins...

Affinity of sound penetrating the body and movement joining sound, curves in space, balance and imbalance, finding one's axis, one's alignment, one's roots, the joy of feeling free...

Forgetting one's usual reference points as the breath and heartbeat speed up, in the dance springing from the depths of the body, letting the wave break within us and then die out in the peace of the ocean, the sound vibrations spiralling their way through our bodies.

The rhythm of life, the rhythms of life, on a journey through the awakening of the senses and the musical faces of the world.



Discovering, exploring and going deeper into the art of cooking and eating, practised in a spirit of heart and knowledge.

Technical skills, properties of foods, spices, plants and condiments and their alchemy, the taste of new flavours, sharing in different ways and discovering what is good, beautiful and healthy, and nourishes us well.

Some meals will be cooking workshops, while others will be carefully prepared for participants.


The proposal is to discover, explore and go deeper into contact with nature, each one at their own pace and in an intimate and unique relationship with it ...

Feeling It, being taught by It, realising Its abundance and the great Intelligence of the living,Itspower and vulnerability, Its delicacy, Its generosity, discovering all Its expressions, from the tiniest to the biggest and the interconnexion between everything, surrendering to The Earth and to nature, being one with It, as It is our body and we are Its body.

We are invited to discover that we are the Earth and how the forces of Creation and Formation are engraved in It.


Each retreat can last 3, 7 or 10 days, depending on its content and the destination chosen.

It takes place once or twice a year, in a privileged place in the heart of nature.

More information on the 2024 edition will come in the last term of 2023.

For the ones who already havean interest in it, you can send an email to

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